Why An eBike?


You’ve come to the right place.

All around the world, eBikes have been gaining traction for years, both in dense urban jungles and hilly, wide-open suburban communities. But since the pandemic, eBikes have really taken off. After all, who wants to be stuck in a crowded train or traffic jam for hours on end? Many people like the fact that they can commute on an eBike without getting too sweaty on the way to work and at weekends, they can explore the country side, or go mountain bilking, with friends and families, making cycling accessible across difficult routes and long distances. 

So you’re here because you’re looking for a way out or simply a way to keep healthy while having some fun. Here are the biggest reasons an E-VéLO is the answer:

1. Go further, faster. The thing about bicycles is that nobody likes showing up to their destination all hot and sweaty, right? Well, the motor on an eBike does the grunt work for you, so you can pedal as little or as much as you want and still show up fresh-faced. Hills? eBikes eat them for breakfast. Strong headwind? Our mid-drive motors ramp up or down ever so smoothly, working with the bike’s gears to propel it forward, so you can get through headwinds with ease.

2. Support health & well-being.An eBike gets you moving and exercising. If you are in a the city, then you can change lanes quickly not get frustrated when traffic barely moves. When you are out and about for a recreational ride, it exposes you to nature, including sights and sounds, which is a source of stress relief. People of pretty much any age and physical condition can move on an eBike, without stress and injury.

3. Zero emissions and environmentally friendly. That’s right, eBikes are classified as Zero-Emission Vehicles. That means you don’t contribute to air pollution, congestion, or even to noise levels in the surrounding. If you charge your batteries late at night, you’d also be doing what’s known as Off-Peak Charging, which puts a lot less strain on the power grid and in turn helps minimize brownouts.

4. It’s FUN. Seriously. New customers are always so surprised to find out how comfortable a ride it is on most terrains. Not to mention how cool you’ll look cruising down the streets on one of our sleek racers!